Crumbling Foundation Replacement

The Andrew Ansaldi Company uses the current best practice method of lifting the home and then the complete removal and replacement of the concrete foundation. This includes preparing the house for lifting by disconnecting all utilities, exterior structures (i.e. decks, porches), removing and disposing of landscaping, stockpiling topsoil onsite, disconnection electrical wiring in basement, removing and storing all plumbing and mechanical equipment, removing and storing basement stairs, detaching sill plates and creating openings for lifting beams.

The house is then raised using hydraulic lifting equipment and then place on shoring/cribbing timbers. The exterior of the foundation perimeter is then excavated down to the footings. The foundation, footings and lally column footings are then completely removed and disposed of off-site. The basement concrete slab and garage concrete slab are also removed and disposed of off-site. Then new concrete footings and foundations are installed with new 3500 PSI concrete. The exterior of the foundation is then waterproofed with a spray on a rubberized foundation waterproofing coating. The footing drains are then reinstalled.

The house is now lowered onto the new foundation and the shoring beams are removed. The openings in the foundation where the shoring beams were located are filled in with concrete. New lally columns are installed in the basement and garage. Backfilling the foundation is then performed along with the reattachment of any decks or porches. Interior basement and garage concrete slabs are then reinstalled. All utilities, electrical, plumbing and mechanical equipment are then reset and reconnected. Basement and garage stairs are reinstalled.

Project Highlights

Location – Manchester, CT
Project Scope – Foundation Replacement
Project Completion – 2019

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